Friday, January 7, 2011


Ok, ok, ok. So I haven't blogged in nearly a month. So here's a short update on life since the last blog:

Pregnancy is going great. I'm 19 weeks along and feel it kicking and moving with some frequency. I'm still in my regular sized pants. This seems very odd to me, but my doctor isn't worried, so I'm not worried. I'm still either nauseous or just extremely hungry in the morning and my little wonder drug fixes the swimmy headedness within 12 minutes.

Quint is doing great. He's running and playing and still dancing to his daddy's bagpiping on a regular basis. He has started to throw some temper tantrums, which we're trying to nip in the bud. He is obsessed with Mary Poppins which was starting to slowly drive me crazy, so both the DVD and the VHS are currently hidden. He's slowly moving on to Veggie Tales and Yo Gabba Gabba is due to arrive Saturday via netflix. He loves going outside and exploring the world. He loves climbing stairs. He's gotten in the habit lately of waking between 10:30 and 11:30 and going completely nuts until he gets a cuddle and a some crackers. Not good with another baby on the way. So we've been breaking him of that. Which is fun. Yeah, right. But almost daily, we have a crawl all over each other tickling and kissing fest which is tons of fun. As are the sweet running and hugging my knees thing.

Lap-band update! Ten months after the lap-band was installed in my husband, and something amazing happened day before yesterday! Are you ready? It's never been done before! I saw my husband's upper abdominal muscles!!! He even flexed them to make sure that wasn't fat after all! He's lost 38 pounds total now. And he still loves it.

My new job at the tax office is going OK, though there are very few hours to be had at this early point. I had one terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day of phenominal proportions. It involved me attempting a return, by myself, before I was ready, with (as it turned out) some wrong information. And once the client left (mostly because of my wrong information), she talked to the LOCAL NEWS CREW THAT INTERVIEWED HER IN THE LOBBY!! So I spent hours terrified that I had not only scared off one client (which is not that bad really), but that my mis-information might wind up on THE LOCAL NEWS potentially scaring off COUNTLESS CLIENTS!! It all turned out alright in the end. She didn't say anything on the news which was incorrect or even negative about our tax business.

My Christmas was really great! We went to Texas to visit my parents for a week. The flight with the baby was good! He slept for an hour of the 2 hour flight and I managed to keep him entertained and mostly quiet after that. He loved it at my folks house, except for the one dog that licked his face so much that I think that's why his face broke out a bit. He loved the other dog, and played fetch with her. He loved their extra fluffy cat. He loved their enormous fenced in yard with six wonderful steps to go up and down on endlessly. He loved that he could see outside at all times and could almost always convince someone to go outside with him by finding his coat (where ever we had hidden it) and shaking it at them saying, "outside!" until someone finally said, "alright I'll go out with you in the cold!" It was cold in Texas at Christmas. That never happens! Usually it's 50 degrees at least! He loved having a doting aunt, nannie, and grandpa granting his nearly every whim for nearly a week straight. He handled the family reunion day exceptionally well and even played a little ping-pong. He got so many toys that the UPS box we shipped back home cost $40! I got a new camera to replace my broken one, which is why we've been short on photos on the blog lately. Hubby got a gun safe (which we really needed) and a HUGE bottle of his favorite cologne. We stuffed and stuffed and stuffed ourselves with all manner of sweets and good food. I napped at will because there was always someone to watch Quint. We got to see Quint's namesake for several days. We got to see my best friend and her husband for most of an afternoon. All in all, it was a really great Christmas!

Let's see, what else needs an update.... we've hit on Quint, pregnancy, work, lap-band, and Christmas. I think that may be it. Oh wait.

Depression in general: I've been having trouble with depression which unfortunately (for hubby) manifests itself as being really nasty to dear hubby. Usually, in the winter blues months, I'm employed, I exercise, I make sure to get extra sunshine, I keep a full spectrum light bulb nearby and have plenty of reasons to see friends most days. This winter, I'm unemployed, a bit direction-less in terms of what to do with my life immediately (for the next 6 months), it's been too stinkin' cold to walk outside, hence little sunshine, I haven't put in the full spectrum light bulbs, and I'm a bit housebound. Not a good combo. So. I've decided that at either 11am or 3pm each day, depending on when I'm working, Quint and I are going for a walk if it is anywhere near 45 degrees OR I'm going to get out my workout video in the living room. OR I'll make an effort to chase Quint around our indoor racetrack (kitchen, living room, entryway) until I've been out of breath for some minutes. Also, I'm making an effort to contact my friends by phone and set up lunch dates.

Also to combat the winter blues, I'm starting to make lists of things to do and then ACTUALLY DOING THEM!! It's amazing how now that I have more time, I get less business things done. Granted, I usually conducted my business type things done while at work which is not possible now, but really? It took me 3 days to actually obtain my last paystub and get it emailed somewhere?! There is no reason for me to fall behind on any bills due only to neglect. We are not UNable to pay any bills right now. Quint goes to bed by 8pm. I've been going to be at midnight. That's 4 hours a day to get computer stuff done. I've ordered the $10 do-dad that will let me plug my regular desktop keyboard into my laptop so that balancing the checkbook is quicker.

In light of the list effort, here are some plans for this weekend:
Take down the Christmas stuff and put it all away.
Store clothes that Quint has recently outgrown.
Clean off the dining table.
Neaten up the garage (one hour)
Clean out my car
Make out a menu for next week.
Clean up the edges of our bedroom.

And if I'm exceptionally ambitious:
File things
Find the bathroom counter and scrub it.
Wax the hardwood floors.
Examine last year's taxes.
Put the blue loveseat on Craigslist.

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