Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let the good times roll!

Saturday, Quint started to seem sick. I hoped that I was just looking too hard since a lot of kids at Priscilla's were sick. He had a tiny cough Saturday. Sunday it was obvious that he was actually sick. The gooey cough had intensified and the nose faucet started running. Fever showed up Sunday as well. Monday, I was wiping his nose so often that I got NOTHING else done. It's now Wednesday and he occasionally still feels warm. He's eating a tiny bit on a regular basis and seems to be drinking enough. I'm also giving him a lot of applesauce as food/liquid.

Last night, I started to have a little tickle in my throat. Today I'm coughing up stuff and feel like crap. And Quint still needs his nose wiped on a regular basis. I couldn't sleep while Quint took a 3 hour nap this morning, but I couldn't keep my eyes open between 1pm and 2pm.

Also, baby #2 reacts strongly to tomato soup. Kicks in 3 directions at once. Thanks son.

I called Hubby to see if he could come home and take care of us. But he had meetings solid starting at 3:30. I really wish I could have used the Star Trek transporter to get my dad or Hubby's mom here to help out. My mom is busy this week.

Snow was predicted to start around noon. It didn't start until 3pm, but since it's been below freezing (like 20) for two days, it's immediately sticking. Hubby called at 4pm to say that he may already be stuck downtown. The roads are all slanted and sloped downtown. There is the train, but his office is about a mile from the train station. Then there's the problem of me picking him up in the same weather. This same storm dumped 19 inches in Arkansas. Hmmm...

So Quint and I are safe, warm, have plenty of milk, diapers, soup and applesauce. I have plenty of baby medicine. I have plenty of my feeble pregnancy medicine. What little good it does. Hubby is currently stuck at his office where he's plenty warm, has a narrow couch, plenty drink, but only a pack of hot dogs to eat. And whatever reduced rations we've put in his trunk. He may try to come home, but that's uncertain at 5pm.

Quint has been sleeping 12-14 hours at night with this illness, and he requested to go to bed at 7pm last night. So if I can make it until 7 or 8pm, I can go straight to bed.

Please pray for us.

Update at 8pm: Hubby made it home! And I am so glad! He hoofed it down to the train where the 5pm train left the station at 5:40. I jumped in the car and braved the roads to drive the 1.5 miles to the train station. The round trip took 30 minutes and we didn't slip around much.

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  1. Hey clone!! Hope everyone is feeling better in your household!! How are you doing??