Friday, February 18, 2011

Toddler diets and new language skills

I frequently read a blog from a mom who calls herself Amalah on this blog. She's the mother of 2 boys, pregnant with her third, and has a realistic perspective of when to be strict and when to be a push over. She has several blog sites, including the Advice Smackdown on Alphamom.

While being really frustrated with Hubby's ideas about Quint's diet recently, I wrote her a letter. SHE PICKED MY LETTER!! And wrote about it today!!

Go read it here!!

I am so excited to have tons of advice on this subject.

In other news, Quint is gaining new phrases and words every day!! Two weeks ago he had about 20 words, and now we consider him to be just talking. This morning, we were laying on a really fluffy bed with a four inch feather top mattress. He was face down on the bed, as was I, and I said, "yeah, it's fluffy..." Quint looked at me funny and said, "It's soft" as if to correct me.

When my mom was preparing nuggets for his lunch, he said, "you got it!" when she grabbed it out of the freezer. Then, after they were cut up and ranch dressing applied, he said, "ahhhhh, nuggets"

Recently he said he would help me mop. "I help you".

One grumpy morning, he didn't really want to play and he said "but I'm tired". I asked him if he wanted a nap and he said "uh-huh" and walked to the stairs, ready to go up to his bed.

He recently said "thank you" for a cracker.

It's getting to be so easy to communicate with him! And just two weeks ago, I noticed how frustrated he was that I just couldn't understand him. And I know that's what it takes for him to learn something new - extreme frustration leading to motivation to learn something new. Yay for my little guy!

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