Saturday, February 5, 2011

Totally Awesome Sentence Son!!

Quint has been babbling away in whole "sentences" for some time. The fact that they are in another language is completely irrelevant to him. And clearly, if he's gone to the trouble to give me a long garbled answer, then I should certainly understand what he wants, RIGHT? Sometimes he looks at me like, "what are you stupid? I just told you!"

But tonight was totally different. I actually understood all the words in the garbled sentence! Yes it was probably a sentence that only a mother could translate, but

I was still eating supper, but he was out of his highchair and running around. He ran over to me, put his head in my lap and hugged my leg. I hugged his head and patted his back and said, "I love you, too, son." AND HE SAID "aahh wuv ooo...too!" And then he kept his head on my lap as if he hadn't just done something amazing! I made a big deal of it and said how awesome that was and he smiled and clapped, turned around in his little dance step, and took off for the living room again.

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