Monday, March 21, 2011

Double stroller awesomness

Sunday, I bought a double stroller off Craigslist. Previously, I had only wanted a specific double stroller that went with our infant car seats. But then it occurred to me that it never, not once, was a problem to move a sleeping baby from the stroller to the car or the car to the stroller when Quint was a baby. (Did I really just type "when Quint was a baby?!") So don't need that one specific stroller.

So, of course, to Craigslist I went. And I was willing to be patient instead of drive 30 miles for a stroller. But within 2 days, I saw a good deal. A very good deal, it turned out. Sixty dollars!!

Here's the whole stretch limo thing. (Hey, my entryway looks clean! Wow!)

Both food & drink trays pop off. Both seats can recline to laying flat. Quint can crawl into the front seat by himself. Both canopies pop off. Storage can be accessed from the back or from between the seats. Closing it up is incredibly easy. While technically it's a one hand close, the reality is that it's huge and weighs a lot and you're gonna need two hands or maybe a friend to get it into your trunk - where there will no longer be room for more than 3 bags of groceries.

I've even got my OWN cup holder and junk catcher! It hardly looks used, and the previous owner was a little nuts about germs and had recently taken off all the cloth, washed it, washed the frame, and put it all back together.

So I talked myself out of the $170 stroller I thought I had to have, and spent $60 instead. Am I good or what!!

In other news, I'm gathering crap for a yard sale on April 2nd. We sold the tiny blue love seat for $40 this weekend. My unemployment claim has officially been denied so I'm going to have to give up Priscilla soon. Hopefully just for a while. She has two spots opening up in August when two kids start regular school. So maybe I can put my boys with her in August if I find a job! Don't ask me to talk about having to give up Priscilla because, yes, I will immediately burst into tears.

Here they are again: Priscilla and Uncle Vester. The best daycare on the planet.

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