Monday, March 7, 2011

Reverse nesting?

Perhaps I'm going through some reverse nesting. I'm not collecting things for the baby, but I'm getting rid of excess junk before the baby arrives.

This morning, after Hubby left with small fry, I darted up to the attic to find that box of Hubby's stuff that he didn't think worthy of a label. I quickly went through it and pulled out the handful of stuff that wasn't outdated (in a bad way), from a former employer (2 years past), or from clubs he is no longer is a member (yes, I know, we're all amazed that there IS a club that he has quit!). I took the majority of that box out to the curb for trash pick up. I was in a mental race against the trash pick up guys, due who knows when this morning.

Then I went back up there, and reduced three of my boxes of precious childhood memories down to one box! Ancient and horrible photos, negatives, cheap plastic empty photo albums, ceramics I didn't even remember, empty photo frames, extra copies of newspapers with legitimate memories, etc. I also found four large-ish things that simply are not my taste anymore and which could probably fetch some money off craigslist. And I pitched a rather huge box that only had some old scotch bottle canisters in it. I actually asked Hubby if I could pitch those several months ago and he wondered why we were keeping them.

So in just 90 minutes, I managed to seriously increase our trash pile out front, remove 6 boxes from the attic, find some things to sell, and a small box of things to give to goodwill or the ARC. I quit when I realized I was starving, I was hurting pregnancy-wise, and I'd gotten to the stage where I was thinking "oh, but we might have a daughter one day, I'll keep it" quite a lot.

One day, when we're moving, I hope to be able to pile up a stack of Hubby's precious junk next to my stack of precious junk and point out that my stack is 1/3 the size of his! Is that a mean-hearted goal? That will also be the time when we'll be marveling at our volume of junk anyway.

Someone remind me to never buy another picture frame ever, OK! I need to learn how to convert the ones I've got to hanging picture frames.

So now, I'm on to eating, putting my feet up and later posting some things on craigslist.

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