Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Purging progress

I'm having a yard sale April 2nd to get rid of all of the stuff I'm purging from the house. This must be a nesting instinct that has seriously taken hold of me and will not let me go! Yesterday, I spent just one hour in the attic and found six or seven boxes of stuff I can either sell or throw away. I'm trying to get a lot of this purging done while Quint is still at daycare. There's nothing worse than trying to clean out the attic with a pitifully crying baby at the foot of the attic steps, wanting to climb up there with me.

Why, you might ask, was there stuff in the attic that was just trash? With time, comes perspective, and with that perspective, things become trash. One is the large product of a childhood hobby I haven't touched since college. Another is a box of 3-ring binders containing all my notes from my religion classes from college. The only small debate about these things is do I keep the binders and emptied page protectors. I bet they just get pitched.

Since I'm having my second little boy, and we will probably stop having babies at that point, I can part with a lot of things I've been saving for my daughter or decorating her room while she's small enough to not get a say. My sons will never be interested in my adolescent chapter books involving three female best friends who just can't live without each other. So half of those books are going bye-bye.

Christmas decorations we were given several years ago that we have never used. GONE! Knick-knacks that I didn't remember I had. Part of my angel collection which is not sentimental and I haven't used in decorating in years. And they just aren't me any more. I went through the books in my office/peach room/baby's room and pulled out all the books I know I will never read again. My fetish with Claude Monet has passed so all those huge coffee table books can go. Roller blades I might not use again for 5 years? OK, I couldn't part with the implications of that just yet - those went into the attic. They are the only thing that has gone INTO the attic though.

Yesterday, a friend heard that I was having a yard sale and gave me a huge TV and two boxes of stuff to sell, saying I could keep the money. Cool! Though we might switch it out with one of our own and sell our old one instead. She asked me to come back Sunday and haul away other stuff in her attic.

OK, it's now 6am. Let's see if I can catch an hour of sleep before Quint wakes up!

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  1. My favorite quote from this post, "With time, comes perspective, and with that perspective, things become trash." Love it!

    You might not want to be so quick to toss the girl stuff. Especially if you have room to store it. You may still have baby girl. Even if you don't, your granddaughters or daughters-in-law may want to see the books that grandma read when she was a girl. Maybe save some of it for them. I have old books that my Dad's dad used in grade school and I love them.