Friday, March 18, 2011

I must tout my own awesomness!

With the variety of consignment sales going on in my area right now, I thought I would probably be getting Quint's next round of clothes at these sales. The problem is that I'm continually surprised at what other people refer to as "great deals". Footed PJs for $2.50 is really only a dollar off a Target two pack. To me, spending $4 on a single shirt or pair of pants, even in the 3T size, is an OK deal, but it's still expensive compared to what I can usually find on Craigslist. And I'm one of those people who has (so far) refused to go into an Old Navy store looking for new toddler's clothing. Aside from the knees of pants, he's going to outgrow it before it's worn out.

My son is currently in 18 mo - 2T size shirts and pants and around 24 month PJs. There's still a large box with some larger 2T size things in the loft that still seem a little big. My point is that he's got plenty of clothes for right now. Except shorts. It was 83 degrees outside today, and while I really love my collection of cords and jeans for him, shorts might be a good idea soon.

So I've been scouting through the Craigslist pages for a couple weeks now, looking for that irresistible, huge lot of 3T boys clothes for nearly nothing. Oh, and they had to be local. Not the "local" that means a 30 mile drive. I realized I was being picky, but I also have time to be patient. Like all summer.

But this week: it happened. I saw this listing: Boys clothes sizes 24months - 3T. It is a whole trash bag full of stuff all in good condition. No holes or stains that I noticed. I would be willing to send you pictures of some of the items or everything if you are interested. Just send me an email on here!

List price $30!

I'm the second to respond but the first person is a no-show. Tonight I picked up a large black trash bag of toddler clothes. The lady had washed them all yesterday and when I arrived, was still pulling them out of the dryer because she wanted to give them to me unwrinkled. What a golden idea! I had to chuckle when she told me that. I gladly paid her $30 for a bag I had trouble lifting.

Once at home, I got them all out to look at them. And more importantly COUNT them. Sixty-eight pieces! Forty-four cents each! And out of this huge bag, there were only about 4 shirts that looked old or faded, and I suspect they were designed to look like that. Marvel comics with distressed images and whatnot. There were 8 or 10 pairs of long pants, about the same number of really cute shorts. Some of the pants were the fantastic adjustable waist kind. Three pairs of swim trunks. One puffy, warm winter vest thingy. One pair of overalls. The remaining 40+ shirts were about half long sleeve and half short sleeve. And over half the short sleeves were polo shirts which I really seem to like on him. They're all in wonderful shape. They're all freshly washed in what Hubby determined was "Lara's family's detergent". AND they're all wrinkle free and still warm from the dryer! I feel like I won the lottery! An entire wardrobe, no matter the season, for $30!

Now, whenever Quint outgrows half his clothes at once (that's how it always seems to happen) I can just go shopping in a plastic bin in the loft!

This is the huge pile from two different angles.

I don't think I could have done any better! Perhaps I need to keep her number handy and just call her every few months to see if she needs to sell some of her son's clothes!

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