Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ahhhh the beach....

We are once again at the beach for a week with my husband's mom and step-dad and their friends. We did this vacation two years ago and really enjoyed it as a relaxing vacation. We make a clear distinction between our adventure vacations and our relaxing vacations and have never really tried to mix the two.

Our hotel room has a tiny kitchen and a balcony with a side view of the beach. We've been here for 4 hours and have already had an hour in the surf. It is so much fun and so very uncomplicated. While jumping waves, I asked my hubby if I was thinner hip to hip, or belly to back so I could figure out how to slice through the waves better. He thought about it for way too long and finally said that he didn't know which way was thinner! For my pregnancy, since everything has either swelled, grown, or just gotten fatter, I've bought a bikini that adjusts at the hips, and ties at the neck and back so that it will still fit for the whole pregnancy. This seemed like a great idea. And it is for the lake. But the ocean tends to have a bit more force and I had to re-tie my hip straps twice while in the ocean for a hour. I wonder if I'll go the whole week without flashing other swimmers. Last time, I'm not sure we ever swam with our friends, so it's not likely I'll flash family. But maybe I should buy some girl swim shorts for this week. What do you think?

So I've got long salt water sodden braided pig-tails dripping on everything and am ravenous for my dinner out with the group. We're waiting for a storm to pass so we can walk to a restaurant.

Me and hubby are such nerds. For the first time, we've brought 2 laptops on vacation and we both jumped on the wifi at the same time. He's playing his video games and I'm sitting here blogging. Welcome to the modern age!

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  1. It sounds heavenly. I'm jealous.

    I like your stance on not mixing the adventure vacations with the relaxing vacations. Maybe that's what Husband and I have been doing wrong. Although, I'm not sure I can convince him to do a relaxing vacation. I will have to work on that.