Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby registry fun

Ok, so this blog is poking fun at my wonderful husband, but let me just say at the beginning here, that I'm sure I'm making an equal amount of naive comments that other moms are hearing me say and snickering into their hands.

We went to Target and got the wonderfully fun baby registry gun. Here are just a few comments and exchanges that happened while we were registering.

Hubby: I already scanned a package of burp cloths.
Me: Do you really think we're only going to use 4 burp cloths in a week?

Hubby: He already has a bunch of socks!
Me: Really? How many does he already have?
Hubby: Three.

Hubby's eyes light up and he says with a smile "I'm gonna be a Daddy! Is that what all this stuff means?!" Then he grins, pats my belly and scans yet another baby blanket without being told.

Hubby: We won't need bottles if you're breastfeeding and pumping.
Me: How do you think the pumped milk gets into the child?
Hubby: Oh.
But I'm so overwhelmed by an entire aisle of baby bottle options that we register for none of them. I must do research.

Hubby: Oooh pacifiers. Let's get lots of those.

Hubby: So we should register for like 8 packages of diapers, right?

Me: Let's try to find a cute snot sucker, not this plain one.
Hubby: there is no such thing as a cute snot sucker.
Perhaps he's right about that.

Hubby: Why can't we just use towels that we already have?
Me: Because these fit the child and are cute.
Hubby: He then picks out a duck hooded towel and scans it without delay.

Hubby: Geez! We've registered for 116 items?!
We were halfway through the baby section at that point.

After we had finished going down every aisle in the baby section:
Me: OK, now we need to go through the toys and furniture.
Hubby: Toys! Do we really need toys!
Me: Yes honey, children need toys.
Hubby: But at the beginning, isn't he just going to be a pooping machine?

About here, I tell him that if his mother had an audio recording of this whole process, she would be weeping with laughter.

Looking at an infant toy with about 20 little colorful plastic rings to connect, chew on, and shake:
Hubby: We don't need those. Those are a lot like hair bands and we've got tons of those for the cat.
Me: OK, #1, hair bands could choke the child and #2, we're not giving our child cat toys to play with.

I love my wonderful husband very much, and we both have a lot of learning to do about babies in general and our little boy in particular. His comments were sweet and clueless, but mostly excited and enjoying clicking away at stuff.

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  1. LOL! This is just what I needed this morning.