Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ocean side baby shower

Just a quick update on our lovely beach vacation. My mother-in-law and her best friend threw me a beachside baby shower!!! How many people who live in land-locked states can say that! They had banners safety pinned to the beach umbrellas, games, and an impressive stack of presents! They bragged that they were the first to hit our baby registry that we made a couple weeks ago, so everything I got was exactly what we had registered for. Bibs and burp cloths and sleeper sets and cute outfits, baby wipes, baby bath, and a ton of other stuff! The men were willing participants since there was scotch available and a truly yummy cake. The weather was beautiful on our perfectly manicured stretch of lawn. Pretty and sunny, not too windy, setting sun with the crashing waves behind us. Since hubby and I were dressed for an after dinner dip in the ocean, we had an after shower dip in the ocean just before the sun went down. And with just my bikini on for the dash to the ocean, all the shower participants could really see that yes I do have a bump! Lots of other vacationers around here probably don't realize I'm pregnant when I have my swim suit cover up on.

A truly unique experience! Wonderful, wonderful day!

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