Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pregnancy week 26

A lot has happened since I last wrote, but completely catching up everything would make for a really long blog. We spent the week at the beach relaxing, lounging and swimming in the sea. We also took a day trip to Fort Sumter which was very interesting. Middle of the week, I tripped on some stairs and damaged my foot a bit. The baby wasn’t hurt since the trip basically meant that I sat down hard. But my foot has swollen and hurt ever since. That’s been 8 days now and I’m about sick of my foot hurting and limping. And I can’t take Advil because of Baby boy.

We got to see Hubby’s Dad and family on our way back from the beach and had a lovely visit with them. While we were gone, we had our cat locked up in our house whereas usually she enjoys being an inside/outside cat. I expected her to meow at us for about an hour when we got home, but it was more like 2.5 hours. So she read us the riot act!

While I returned to work Monday morning, my brain seemed to arrive back at work on Tuesday morning. Not so fun for me or my co-workers. Today, Hubby’s car wouldn’t start and he needs to go out of town Thursday, so that’s been a pain today. Well, for him. I just went to work and left him at home with AAA on the way.

Our baby boy now weighs nearly 2 lbs and is probably around 14 inches long from head to heel. He is a very active little boy. This past week, seems to have very sharp elbows every couple of days. He seems to be hosting some jammin parties about the time I go to bed, but they seldom keep me up. HUBBY can feel the party from outside my tummy too. Last week, we were in a store with music playing with a loud beat and I really think Baby boy kicked me 5 times in a row with the beat of the song. Pre-natal toe tapping! We were at the beach this past week and I played in the surf a lot. I wondered what that felt like for Baby boy. If it was a pleasant, floaty ride, or if it felt like I was vigorously shaking a 2/3rds full Coke bottle. My belly button/turkey timer is nearly popped, but not quite. For the first time ever, I can turn my belly button inside out. Dat a'int right! My hands and feet have started swelling more, and I think that I will soon need to buy a larger sized costume jewelry wedding band to wear instead of my wonderful wedding set. I NEVER take my wedding set off for fear of loosing it, so this is a scary prospect for me.

I'm starting to panic a bit about my long to-do list before Baby boy arrives, but I can start tackling a good bit of that this weekend. We bought a crib and baby swing this week and the baby's room is coming together. I can probably sign up for the cord blood registry while at work this week. They offered $200 off as a Father's Day promotion, so I think I'll take advantage of that. That costs nearly $2000 to set up! But stem cell research is always progressing, and think what they could do with stem cells in 25 to 30 years when Baby boy might need it! I’m starting to get wallet attack pretty bad. The short list of expenses right now is cord blood registry, whatever car repairs need to happen today, Hubby needs new glasses, we need to buy a video camera for the baby, and a interactive computer video camera for the computer (maybe just $30!). Still that could add up to $3000 pretty quick. Right now, we have about $1000 extra per month for this kind of “un-budgeted” items which seems like a lot until you look at the price tag on this list. Because of craigslist, we paid $35 instead of $105 for a baby swing, and $175 instead of $250 for the crib. And the crib we bought is of higher quality than the $250 one we picked out for our registry.

Hubby and I are REALLY enjoying my roller coaster mood swings. (Can you hear the sarcasm there?) We have reminded each other that considering how many months of our lives we will spend together, it will be relatively few that I'm pregnant. Basically, this too will pass. Then we'll just have sleep-deprivation to deal with. And, you know, that radical change to every aspect of life thing. Nothing too big, right?!

Ok, so this was a really long blog anyway, and I left out a great many details. So, sorry for the length! But there’s only like 3 of you reading this anyway, so no big harm there.

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