Wednesday, August 12, 2009

33 weeks pregnant

Our little boy is continually gaining weight and seems to be traveling around my right side. At times I can feel him almost directly below my right armpit, down where my waist line used to be. The kicks and pokes on my left side aren't nearly that far around my side. He continues to bang his noggin or something hard on my lower right ribs, though the "ouch" kicks are decreasing to mostly just "ooof" kicks.

My hands and feet stay a bit swollen now. As a result, my white stretchy sandals and my new 1/2 size too big sneakers are the only shoes I attempt to wear now. I had to take my wedding rings off yesterday which was rather un-nerving. I never take my wedding ring off. EVER! Well, I've had it cleaned twice. It took a good bit of ice water to get it off. As some of you know, my biggest fear in life is to be a young widow, as irrational as that may seem. This morning, hubby is getting on not just any airplane, but a small airplane for a day trip with work. So during my freaking out about that this morning, I managed with some effort, to get my wedding ring back on. So I had to endure more ice water to get it back off again later. A friend has lent me a ring today to wear on my wedding finger so I don't look as knocked up. It's gold with some diamonds and might be viewed as a wedding ring.

Pitiful & Whiny Rant:
I'm starting to really miss my old body and my old activities. I miss the way my belly looked all flat and a little muscular. I miss going to the gym for the weight lifting class. Technically, I could still do this, of course, and my doctor would heartily encourage me to do so, but there's this big fatigue thing involved. Last night when I got home, I wandered around the house for an hour trying to be productive when what I really wanted to do was read in bed. Finally, at 8pm, I just went to bed and did that. I miss knowing I've got a fairly strong back because of the weight lifting. I miss taking our standard 2 mile walk with my husband where we can talk about nothing, get fresh air, and hold hands. I miss being able to sit up in bed without flopping around like a beetle. I miss laying flat on my back in bed without feeling light headed. I miss laying on my belly in bed. I miss enjoying sex without having to figure out logistics. I miss having energy to do what I want. I miss being able to carry heavy things around the house without having to wait for my husband to get home so he can do it. I miss going for daily walks at lunch with a friend of mine. Now I'm more prone to take a daily nap in my car during lunch.

Men at Hubby's lodge have started asking me if I'm really ready to not be pregnant any more, which is separate from "are you ready for the baby". I'm not there yet, but I can see it coming.

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