Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our fantastic Saturday

This weekend constitutes the last weekend in August that we DON'T have some big event that we need to do. In early September, I hope to have everything critical ready for the arrival of our son (OUR SON!) and my folks are coming to visit. Since I'm due Oct 1st, our baby could arrive (but probably won't) as early as mid-September. So this could, conceivably, be our last Saturday with just the two of us. So we should savor it, right. So what really happens? We're bored.

I tried to sleep late and couldn't. I was really pretty productive in general, but now I'm bored with my list of stuff to do. Hubby played his favorite computer game for a couple of hours, then we watched Mary Queen of Scots together on the couch. Which is really cool because we seldom watch movies together on the couch because we have such different taste in movies. So he held my feet and rubbed things during the uncomfortable afternoon hours. Every day between 2:30 and 6pm, our baby boy is violently active and my belly skin does its stretching for the day. I've finally figured out that the violently active boy wants to be rocked, so I bounced on my exercise ball for probably an hour total. We talked about how we should really DO something. But what? All our usual activities are more active than I can be right now. And it's 91 degrees out, so it's hot. (This is where you Texas people say "oh boohoo you wimps!") So we've just cooked dinner and watched our separate TVs to round out the day.

Perhaps this is confirmation that we really are ready, mentally, for a huge change in our lives.... maybe.... we'll see.

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