Monday, August 10, 2009


If you know me at all, you know I love to make lists. Even more fun is crossing things off the list. Best of all are the lists of things I've already done. These really do help me sleep better at night. My wonderful husband recognized this a year or two ago, when he started verbally listing everything I'd gotten done that day as he was putting me to bed. I always went to sleep with a smile on those occasions. Now I keep a list of everything I've done in a weekend and it makes me feel better. Especially since half the things I get done weren't on any to do list anyway! That closes the gap between "I've been productive but I didn't get to cross anything off a list."

So here's the stellar list that started Friday afternoon and ended at 10pm Sunday:
Returned library books
Bought sneakers and necessary maternity clothes
Bought food for the food pantry at church
started laundry
baked a tuna casserole and froze it
napped (an important accomplishment!)
had hubby help me get the attic stuff into the attic
found the Christmas cards to address
hung some decor in baby's room
made a menu for the week using older stuff out of freezer
sorted the filing to be done (at least a foot tall stack!)
returned the too small suitcase
snuggled on couch with hubby
forcibly removed 4,000 tiny "gift" feathers from the cat from our garage which had, collectively, started smelling like a dead animal. Big job. Hubby helped.
balked at the idea of mopping the garage, though it could use it
sang in choir at church
napped pitifully
addressed all the Christmas cards with the addresses I had at the moment (these will be baby announcement envelopes as well)
ate leftovers (a rare thing for me, it seems)
washed sheets and re-made bed
bought groceries
visited with Texas cousins and Aunt in town only for a day or two

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