Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pointy Bouncy Boy

My baby boy has really been getting in his exercise the last day or two! He doesn't really let me slouch at all now, and if I recline backwards he takes advantage of the extra space to really stretch out. Yesterday morning, I was laying on my side with my hand on my belly. Suddenly, a big goose egg formed under my cupped palm and moved my hand, then went back down. "Morning, son!" My husband hasn't gotten to feel any of those huge movements yet, but it's not for lack of trying. Last night, he felt a lot of movement and was really surprised at the non-"ouch" movements. The websites and books say that from now on (week 32 and past) he will have progressively less room to maneuver and the kicks will get less strong. It's hard to gain momentum on a knee punch when your play area keeps shrinking. We'll see.

As far as preparations go, I managed to cook another casserole for the freezer last night and I'll try to get it wrapped up tight for freezing tonight. Right now it's just in the fridge. One of these ingredients for this casserole was chicken broth for the yummy goo part of the casserole. I had found some duck broth in our freezer from the last time we cooked a duck and used that instead. I bet that will be yummy!!!

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