Monday, March 15, 2010

6 months old!!!

Ok, I'm just barely resisting the urge to post about 10 photos here and the only reason I hesitate is that it would take a while and I really want to go to bed and I really want to post this on his actual 6 month birthday.

Our little guy is 6 months old today and wow does he seem big! And wow how the time flies! He is sitting up now, as long as you plunk him down in the sitting position. He still can't get there by himself, but he can soooooo much more easily entertain himself for extended periods of time. Like 5 minutes straight! As a friend of ours once said of their sitting-up-child, "you can actually get something FINISH brushing your teeth!"

He gobbles up both peas and green beans and grunts mightily if you don't poke it in fast enough. My caloric intake has gone up - AGAIN - and yet I've lost a wee bit of weight lately. So I must be producing heavy cream now instead of milk. He weighs at least 18 pounds if not a bit more. I haven't weighed him, but the size 2 diapers are rather snug now. He is now finally active enough in the tub that we wears himself out.

For the last week, he hasn't been sleeping through the night because he wants more to eat than that, but the good news is that I've learned how to completely get up, dress a bit warmer, nurse him, swaddle him, and put him back down to bed, completely in my sleep! I'll be mildly aware of the time in minutes, but will be fuzzy on which hour he was up when asked in the morning. It became clear that I was never fully awake when either my mother or my husband would ask me some question during a feeding. Those of you who know me, know that there are certain times of the day (ok, maybe as much as half of each day) when you just SHOULD NOT TRY TO ASK ME QUESTIONS! Apparently, during a mid-night feeding is one of those times. While part of me is mildly aware that the question-asker is only trying to help ("do you need water?" "are you warm enough?", the louder part of my brain is thinking "you are not allowed to rip their head off. Especially while you have the baby in your arms." See, at least the louder part of my brain is looking out for those I love!

Quint still will sometimes grab our faces with his tiny little claws, pull our face down to his, and mouth us lovingly. He knows that mouths near faces equals affection, but has no idea how to kiss. It's slightly disconcerting when we don't manage to course-correct and we wind up touching tongues with our child. Sweet....but....wrong.

And the very best picture we have of little Quint yet:

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  1. I had already read this post, but I just reread it to look at the pictures again. So cute!