Monday, March 29, 2010

10+ year journal notes

Here's some more notes that will eventually go in my 10+ year journal.

March 11 Hubby's lap-band surgery
March 11 daffodils start to bloom!
March 21 Quint's baptism
March 19-21 Mother-in-law and step-dad in town
March 19 - so warm we opened the house for a while!
March 21 quick 6 hour trip to the ER for hubby's pain
March 27 I bought some new office clothes that do not look like a mommy and/or have spitup stains on them!
March 27 we rearranged Quint's room so that there is now floor space (novel!) and we don't share a wall with the crib.
March 26 Quint started carrots
March 22nd Quint started spinach - he hates spinach!
March 28 I learned that Hubby doesn't cook home-made burgers... EVER... only because he can't stand sinking his hands down in raw beef. Once I do that, he's all about home-made burgers.
March 28 Quint takes his first swim in the big bathtub. This is different than bathing. He also took his first laundry basket "car ride". The look on his face was hysterical! And it really hurt my pre-bruised knee.
March 15-17 Hubby wasn't home any evening those 3 days.
March 22-26 Hubby was home most evenings this week!
April 25 I saw a peaking upper tooth and an additional peaking lower tooth while he was laughing today. That makes 3 teeth.
April 22 Quint starts fighting sleep at night
April 16 If Q has 2 crackers to naw on while we're eating, life is lots better.
April 14-20 Mom was in town to help out with Q while Hubby was on two trips
April 15-18 Hubby was at a friend's bachelor party on the coast
April 18-20 Hubby was in Miami at a work conference. He really missed us at the end and was sorry he had to stay the last day.
April 23 Grand Lodge District meeting in our town
April 16th Republican Reagan Day Dinner - Mom and I went with Q (without hubby) and we actually had a good time!
April 10-11 Q stayed overnight with a friend while we had a lovely anniversary trip just here in town at a fancy hotel. Very refreshing!
April 8 Hubby had a flat tire.
April 4th Easter Sunday - Q wore his tiny white tuxedo again
April 1st Living Last Supper choral/drama presentation
March 30th Daycare was closed so I stayed home with Q. Sorta. We visited both our places of work to let our co-workers tell us how cute he was.
April 6th Daycare was closed again and I took him up to the senate again so Hubby's boss could see him.
April 25th Q had his first french fry. It was the first time we've tried to go out to eat since he became used to having crackers while we eat in front of him. We didn't have any crackers. Or any food other than breast milk for him. So we gave him a series of fries which he chewed and sucked and then spit out. After the first bite, his eyebrows said "oh yum!!!" and I said to him, "that's called saturated fat, honey." He got quieter.
April 30th - beautiful day. We spend a few hours on the porch with neighbors. I planted a tree on Arbor Day which was coincidence.
May 1st - Republican breakfast with Gov Ramsey. It started raining at 6am.
May 2nd - still raining. Nate and Rupa had to be rescued from their house which had knee deep water in it. Lots of flooding and rescues all around the state.
May 3rd - most businesses, all schools, and some daycares closed due to the flooding. I stayed home with Q and watched the non-stop coverage on our two local channels. Cumberland is expected to crest at 51 feet today. That puts water along 2nd Avenue. The huge tunnel system under downtown is flooded which means that water is bubbling up into basements as far uphill as the Bridgestone Arena where the hockey team plays. Opryland hotel has several feet of water inside. The Grand Ole Opry, the country music hall of fame, and the new symphony center are flooded. Musical instruments were floating in the symphony basement. The organ is ruined.
May 4th, Nate and Rupa are able to get back into their house. The water came up chest high. Their pets are fine. They've lost nearly everything. Their clothes and beds were upstairs, but now the excessive humidity in the house are making the bedding moist. Their cars are total losses. Cell service is severely hampered by a few missing towers and way too many calls jamming the circuits.
May 5th - we haven't heard from Nate and Rupa for days. I'm so frustrated by this that I go out to their flooded house at lunch. Their whole neighborhood was flooded. Street after street of people with their whole lives - ruined - on the lawn. We're there at lunchtime and there are people driving up and down the streets giving away free pizza, sub-sandwiches, and water. I thought I would be less upset after I saw Nate and Rupa, but I was more upset.
May 5th - Since the flood, there have been a lot more bugs in our house. Q got stung by a wasp between the couch cushions! Scared the crap out of me! His plump little arm swelled up about twice the size as usual. We fed him Benadryl and put ice on it. He had emotionally gotten over it long before I had.

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