Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sitting Pretty!

Our little boy learned a new trick yesterday! He can now sit up by himself!

Priscilla said she noticed him sitting all by himself yesterday afternoon. She has these little, child size couches on the floor that she usually props Quint up on. He will sit with his back to a corner of the seat and occasionally slide down to laying on the couch. Yesterday, he leaned forward to play with something and didn't fall over! Then he would lean back, then lean forward again to play. He did this several times before he lost his balance and fell over.

After Hubby got home, I sat him up on our bed and let go. He sat there for probably a whole minute, including looking up to his daddy, nearly loosing his balance, but regaining it.

Yeah! We have another milestone!!

He's 5.5 months old now, weighs at least 17 pounds and is quickly outgrowing all his 3-6 month clothes. Last night I packed up all the clean, smaller clothes and started using his bigger, 6 month clothes. He now eats rice cereal twice a day, loves to dance on Mama's lap, and will actually chuckle at funny things between 6pm and 7pm (why just then, I have no idea). He also can now hold a foot in each hand and will soon learn to pull off his socks like that.

He sleeps through the night 5 nights out of 7 on average - through the night being any 6 hour stretch starting at 8:30 or later. A time or two a week, he will sleep from 8:30 or 9pm through until 7am when I wake him to get ready for the day. He prefers his pack-n-play to his crib because when he kicks his powerful legs, the whole bassinet hanging thingy shakes and gently rocks him. My boy loves movement, so he sleeps in the bed that wiggles.

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