Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random stuff

This has got to be the funniest thing I've seen today!

Also, in the category of "duh, you nitwit" are my mild headaches I've had this week. Years ago, I figured out that most of my migraines and other less severe headaches were food allergies. So today, I am yet again managing to work while one hand is shoved down in the cheetos bag, and it crosses my mind that I've had a mild headache every day this week. Hmmm... and those little headaches are resistant to OTC drugs and usually arrive in the afternoon when.... I have my hand jammed down in a sack of cheetos! Actual name brand cheetos this week (and only this week) as opposed to the Aldi brand. Duh, you nitwit, you're allergic to the buttery, cheesy goodness of name brand Cheetos. But only when you consume 1/3 of a bag per day. Everything in moderation....

And oddly, I had felt justified in gorging on cheetos after a co-worker's visit yesterday. I was just barely over yet another fit of worrying about my husband and his new lap-band, when she stopped by, plopping into my visitor's chair to ask, deeply concerned, how he was doing. Pretty well, the big pain from last weekend has subsided and he's back to symptom free and zero complications. She then proceeds to tell me about a friend of a friend of a friend (you know how that goes) who was mostly healthy, went in for a gastric bypass and died 5 days later. Thanks. I needed that! Anyone ever try to tell you that having a major digestive organ REMOVED is a whole lot different than placing a removable plastic thingy around part of your stomach? And remember my biggest fear in life is to be a young widow, much less a single-mother-young-widow!? I was then wondering if I could just get up and leave my desk in order to avoid her... how rude is that in the face of rudeness? It's like telling a pregnant woman labor horror stories. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT!?

She then launched into how important diet was and how nutrasweet was poison, and high fructose corn syrup was just....just.... horrible! Really, and I made my baby some home made pear baby food with some in it just last weekend! And she is so proud that she has completely eliminated sugar from her diet (while eyeballing my 3 empty Dr. Pepper cans on my desk) and she kept going on and on about healthy eating and for the second time in 6 minutes, I was thinking of leaving my cubicle while she's still sitting there talking.

What's a girl to do in that kind of situation?


  1. Wow. She sounds like someone who just likes to hear herself talk and doesn't consider what she's saying nor to whom it is being said. So insensitive.

    I, personally, agree with her regarding the nutrasweet and HFCS, BUT I would never try to make someone feel guilty for eating them. EVER! I think diet is a personal decision. And everyone's body is going to handle toxins and nutrients differently. If someone asks my opinion, I'll give it, tactfully. Otherwise, I keep my mouth shut.

    Anytime I start to worry about someone's diet, I evaluate their overall health. You, for instance, had no trouble getting pregnant, you have beautiful skin, beautiful, strong hair, and you're thin (but not too thin). This all points to health. Therefore I do not concern myself with the fact that you eat off-brand cheetos by the bag and drink cokes. It obviously is not hurting you.

    I thought I had setup my subscription to get emailed every time you post, but that's not working. I now need to read all your previous posts to the day after the surgery. Happy Friday!

  2. I came to your blog by Girl Creative's New Friend Friday. Loved reading your post! Sorry to hear about your rude visitor. I work in healthcare and always hear visitors saying crazy things like you described to patients and I htink to myself "what in the world?" Good luck dealing with that :~

  3. Whip out a bag of Skittles, proceed to enjoy greatly, then offer her some. Then watch her a) flee or b) throw all her just-stated "sugar morals" out the window

    maybe this is why I no longer have coworkers...