Monday, March 8, 2010


My mind is whirling with lists, so it's lists you get today as a post.

Thursday, my husband is going in to have the lap-band procedure. It will be a very weird day of 5:45am baby-sitting, very early out-patient check-in, surgery (waiting, for me), waking (waiting, for me), hauling my semi-awake guy home, and arranging to get my son back from a friend. I need to prepare a bag for my baby so he'll have everything he needs while at daycare and also at my friend's house after daycare. I'll need to pack various bags for me so I can pump milk, eat lunch, and not go crazy with worried waiting. My husband will be under general anesthetic and have I mentioned that my biggest fear in life is to be a young widow? I'll need to have all the goods necessary to care for my husband once he comes home and can't eat any solid food for a few days, then just soft foods, then later some regular foods.

So here we go...

Things to add to Quint's daycare bag:
2 changes of clothes
5 or more bottles
nipples for the bottles
4 or 5 diapers
baby wipes
2 toys on plastic chains

I also need to take one friend to the daycare to introduce her and show her where it is.

I need to make house keys for my pick-up and drop-off friends.

For me, I'll need:
Breast pump and 4 bottles
a way to chill the pumped milk
lunch: sandwich, chips, cookies, water, applesauce
inflatable neck pillow
small blankie
some little project to keep my hands busy

For Husband, I'll need to get:
sugar free jello
crystal light
protein shakes
chicken salad
cottage cheese
sugar free pudding
children's chewable vitamins
a bunch more extra-small Ziploc plastic bowls

I read in his lap-band owners manual a minute ago that starting 2 days before surgery (that's tomorrow folks) he's only supposed to have 4 shakes each day. Please pray for my hungry, hungry husband.

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