Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Friday!

All week long, I've thought about posting things but haven't because I still want to look at this picture at the top of my blog.

And this one's pretty wonderful too:

So, duh! Just post those at the top of every blog until you get tired of them! OK, I think I will!

This week has been so weird in that both on Tuesday and Thursday, I kept thinking all day that it was Friday. It wasn't until 15 minutes after my alarm went off that it occurred to me that it's NOW Friday and I have to get up.

Sweet boy has had a good week. Though I swear he had baby legs last weekend and he has toddler legs now. Two mornings this week, while getting him ready for daycare, he has hugged my neck with both arms and lovingly mouthed my jaw. That's just sooooo sweet! He has eaten all of the peas and green beans that I had made up and frozen, so today he gets asparagus for the first time. That ought to be amusing.

I've gotten out of the habit of using the gaps in my shirts for nursing and Quint has just gotten used to nursing with a bunch of shirt on his face. And I've really gotten tired of only wearing my 7 or 8 nursing shirts. So last night I went on a scavenger hunt to find the clothes I used to wear before I got pregnant. Those are bound to be around here somewhere! So today I'm wearing a shirt that actually fits me and it feels great!

Hubby's mom and step-dad are driving in today for a visit. Quint is getting baptized on Sunday and she wanted to be here. I've bought a cute little outfit for him that's like a tiny white tux romper. It will be so cute!

It's supposed to be 68 and sunny tomorrow and it's about stinking time! We are going to open the house up AND remember to turn off the heater.

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  1. I very much wish I could've come to the baptism! I do require photos of the event. I actually considered the plane ticket and some time off, but it just wasn't feasible this month.