Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Mama

Ok, so you get two posts today. How could I have forgotten to write about the first time Quint said Mama?! And true to my husband's family smartalecky tendencies, it was to prove me wrong. While I was pregnant, in the first two dreams I had where the baby spoke to me, he was being a smartaleck.

Last night hubby was home when I got home. Since he was there, I asked him to feed Quint his vegetable and I would load the dishwasher with the particularly icky, clean out the fridge, dirty dishes. He got the food all fixed up, with a little turkey in it, and started trying to feed it to him.

Quint was crying a lot, but sometimes he cries all the way through a feeding and I don't know why. We tried switching to crackers, oyster crackers, and cheerios, but halfway through his vegetable, he said "Mamama". We kept trying new combinations and he ate a few more bites as long as I was standing right behind Hubby. We had stopped trying to feed him, thinking maybe he was not hungry. He's keeping his mouth shut, shaking his head, and occasionally trying to grab the spoon with his hands. He very clearly said, "Mama". Hubby whipped his head around toward me and said, "he just wants you to feed him."

"Oh, that is NOT it. He's just babbling," I say. "Here, I'll prove it." I hold a spoonful of food out toward him. His little mouth pops right open like a baby bird. Hubby laughs and bounds up to go do the dishes. I say to Quint, "Son, you're not supposed to just prove me wrong instantly like that. It's rude." He continues to hoover down the rest of the vegetable as quickly as I can offer it. All this without a single whimper's worth of crying.

So for the first time last night, my little boy called me Mama. And proved me wrong in the process.

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