Wednesday, June 9, 2010

nearly there....neeeeaarly there!

We're nearly there on several aspects of life right now and this week is going oh so slow as a result! Yesterday, I bet I asked folks 3 times, "Is it still just Tuesday?" We're nearly to Texas, nearly to Myrtle Beach, and nearly crawling.

Tomorrow, we're taking our little boy on his first plane ride to Texas. In terms of his bedtime, it's a late night flight, so hopefully he'll sleep at the boob for the whole flight. I've recently found out that turkey makes him sleepy, so he'll be getting a lot of turkey with his supper tomorrow night. We've been soooo looking forward to this Texas and seeing my folks and playing in the lake with Quint. It's gonna be great!

And then a week from Saturday, we're driving to Myrtle Beach for a week, stopping off in North Carolina to visit some family and show them the baby for the first time. For that trip, we have to take one ton of baby gear in the car. For the flying trip, my mom has almost every baby gear item I will need: pack and play, high chair, and carseat. So that makes traveling Soooooo much easier for the flight. I won't have that in Myrtle Beach, but I'll also have a car to haul stuff. So I'm mentally trying to pack the car. Here's the shortened list - yes I knew you wanted to read more lists!!

Ice chest, full size stroller, pack and play, booster seat/high chair thingy, car seat, baby clothes for 9 days with no laundry facilities, various groceries and paper goods which might be easier to just buy there, blender for baby food and margaritas, adult clothes for 9 days, at least one computer, the johnny jump up, mountain of diapers, life jacket, and toys.


I've already got one large box of dry goods packed to take with us and I'm starting to wonder if that box will fit anywhere. Oh, and also, we'll be spending the night in a rustic cabin for one night on the way there. So the pack and play, a baby bag, and one change of clothes needs to be fairly near the surface. And nothing can really be packed on top of the stroller. I'm starting to think that the stroller will be in whatever adult seat the non-driver is not sitting in at the time. I still hold out hope that we'll be able to shift some stuff, but be able to either sit in the back with the baby (and nap), or sit in the front seat. And the ice chest needs to be near the surface of the trunk so we can add ice and/or drain it on the way.

I'm already mentally picking things out not to pack. Sure there's a bunch of stuff on our menu that we could take from home (we have a full kitchen at Myrtle Beach), but we may run out of room and they have grocery stores there.

The third nearly there item is Quint's crawling! Hubby said that last night Quint started crawling - backwards. And then he gets all frustrated when he finds his butt against a wall and can't go any further. But using all four limbs to locomotion around is progress! Priscilla said that yesterday he took a few "steps" on his knees. He is very mobile now, but not quite crawling yet. So we're nearly there!

~M, my camera was on the fritz last night so I didn't get any pictures. I've got all the batteries on the charger now and hopefully that will fix it. So I'm sorry, but I don't have any new pictures for you!!

Lap-band update: Hubby has lost 26 pounds. He has lost weight on his calves and his chin/neck along with belly fat. His calves are dead sexy now and are chiseled and muscular and wonderful! His thinner neck makes him look younger. He still forgets to eat slow, and as a result, typically has to go do something in the bathroom during or after each meal. That something is an up-something, not a down-something, by the way. But I asked him the other day if he regretted his surgery in light of the trouble at each meal. He looked astonished that I would ask and said, "No! This is the best thing I've ever done for my health. Ever." And he never uses words like never, ever, or always. I'm glad he's happy with it.

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  1. I can't wait to see both of your men! Don't worry about not having more photos. I'll get to see him soon! Can't wait!