Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend and memories continued

Continued from yesterday:

Quint took his first dip in the lake with his lifejacket on Friday. And like all children everywhere, he didn't like it. According to Mom, he cried less than most children. Life jackets are horribly uncomfortable, let's just face it. But since I can't swim, I certainly wasn't going to get in the water with him without one. I had one on too, for the first time in years. He liked the lake much better when we took off the jacket, sat him in the shallows and held a death grip on the back of his onesie. Then he splashed and played in the mud and liked it.

Saturday, he met my Nannie, from whom he gets his cheeks.

Here's my Nannie:

See those cheeks?

Here's the cutest picture from that meeting.

I have to download more pictures before I finish up this milestone account.

So once again, to be continued...

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