Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photo synopsis - June in Texas 2010 - 9 months old!

A nearly complete family photo. Only my brother-in-law was missing. It's a pretty darn good shot of all of us!

Quint's second plane ride included learning what to do in the unlikely event of a water landing.

He studied the card for a good 15 seconds before...

it became a fairly durable plaything!

My best friend ~M from High School got to visit and hug on the boy.

A goofy time was had by hubby at the lake.

My Daddy in boat gear

My mom and aforementioned best friend ~M

Your where's waldo question for the day: can you find the baby in this picture? No wonder he was not impressed with his first boat trip. He spent a lot of time during our boat trip out of a life jacket and playing on the floor of the boat. When the engine was on, the life jacket was on.

But he had consistent fun in the pool on the front porch.

Quint is 9 months old today! He is now crawling, slowly, can go from laying to sitting to standing. Even in his crib. We've lowered the mattress height tonight as a result. He now says Mama a lot and we're not sure if he's attaching meaning to saying papapa as his daddy. He weighs about 19 pounds, and is shifting into 9-12 month clothes this week - right on schedule! He eats about 2/3 to 3/4 a cup of veggies once a day, has 3 bottles and some cereal at daycare and nurses several times in the evening. He's up by 7:30 on weekdays, naps mid-morning for a half hour, naps at 1pm for an hour to 90 minutes, might cat-nap around 5pm for a few minutes, and naps for about a half hour at 7pm. At 9pm, we start trying to put him down for the night. This procedure has changed and lengthened since he learned to sit up and keep himself awake. Once he's down, he will frequently sleep through until morning. About half the time, he wants to eat between 2 and 4, but goes right back to sleep.

OK, I've edited this post about 95 times and I am going to stop fiddling with it NOW!

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