Friday, June 18, 2010


Ok, so we're taking our first car vacation since our baby boy was born. As a result, we've got our car packed to the brim with an ocean of baby paraphernalia. The beautiful part is that last week, when I did a trial run on the car packing, I figured out the jigsaw puzzle which is our stuff. AND it actually turned out to fit the way I planned!!

So we'll be gone for over a week. And but in the packing, we decided to not take the computers. Or the step stool which is a favorite toy of my son. Or the diet cola we found on sale. Or several of my skirts that, let's face it, I probably wasn't going to wear anyway. The point of which is that there will be no blogs while we're gone. So sorry. You'll just have to be updated once we get back home.

So tomorrow, before the ass crack of dawn, we will load our groggy little guy into the car and haul ourselves over some mountains.

So take care!!!! All three of you who read this!

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