Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prepare for Too Much Information

If you're squeemish or just not female, you probably want to stop reading right now.

Due to Quint needing less milk now that he's on goopy foods, I finally let my milk production drop off to match his needs. This instead of freezing an entire bottle's worth of milk per day. Exactly how much milk do you NEED in the freezer. As a result, my body thinks I weened him and I'm having my first period in 17 wonderful months.

Wow I forgot how much this sucks! And how absolutely witchy I can be in my own head. And how easily that pops right out of my mouth! How long has it been since I carried supplies with me everywhere I went? I remember being excited to remove those things from my car, but it never occurred to me to put them back.


And Grrrr!

And lots of loud mental cuss words for no apparent reason!

The upshot is that my worst weening fear hasn't happened. And that would be to get pregnant again before I had a period which would alert me to my pending possible fertility. Nothing like having to answer the question, "When was your last period?" with a date that ends in "08" when they're trying to calculate how pregnant you are.

Oh, yeah, and then deal with the JOY of babies 17 months apart. Yeah! I get to skip that!!!


(I better have some in the car.....)

1 comment:

  1. I feel soooo sorry for you. You should read that with *heavy* sarcasm :)

    I am glad you didn't get pregnant before having your period, but you are probably now ovulating again. Beware the egg!

    I know y'all are careful so you don't really need this warning.