Wednesday, April 20, 2011

34 weeks and a boy in the dirt

This blog could easily be named "way too many pictures" but you'll just have to deal with it.

Here's me today at 34 weeks pregnant with Quint, as always, really wanting to poke in the belly button. It kind of hurts to poke my belly button in, so the game is that Quint dives for it and I cover it up. I'm feeling about a thousand times better now that I can always get at least 4 or 5 hours of continuous sleep per night. It lets me handle various....pains..... better which makes me a better mom and wife in the evenings. It's always more fun to have a mom and wife who isn't impatient and snappy because she'd rather be soaking in a tub or laying down. Life is better with Ambien!

Quint absolutely loves the hammock. Anything that swings or rocks is an "eeee-awww" as in "yea-haw! Ride the pony!"
Here's Quint's latest photo-op in the yard with his tiny mower.

Putting sticks in the fire pit.

Lately, when I say, "smile for the camera," I get this for some reason.
Pouring dirt is fun!
What does it taste like?
I got a bunch of dirt in my shoe!
I promise, as a 100% boy, to always love playing in the dirt.

Quint is 19 months old, is gaining new words by the day, is amazingly cute, and got a head to toe scrubbing right after these pictures were taken.

Speaking of new words, today I finally figured out that "is-shoes" are TISSUES!! Considering he's had a runny nose for 2 weeks, you'd think I have figured that out quicker! But "tissues" are also napkins or paper towels, so give me a little credit. He also recently correctly identified my best friend's picture from the collection on the walls. Since she lives 800 miles away, this is impressive! When I put some bigger shoes on him the other day, he said "oooooo! New shoes!" He was also very impressed and excited by the wall of yogurt at Walmart the other day. He loves to be swept off his feet, tickled and tossed on some soft surface. Sometimes he will even lay down on the floor and say, "tickle, tickle" in order to get you to tickle him.

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