Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random stuff from the past week.

I should preface this by saying that I took my first ever ambient just minutes before attempting this blog.

Rastus has been kicking HARD for about a week now! As in I yelp and grab for the protruding foot between my navel and ribcage. The other day, I told Hubby to talk to him to calm him down. While hubby had his face on my belly, he got solidly kicked in the head which made me yelp and jerk. So Rastus kicked his daddy in the head in utero!

*subject change*

Our kitty cat is Quint's favorite animal ever. We have to do everything kitty around here and I bet I nearly have Aristocats memorized. The other night, though, I had settled Quint down to read his favorite book, had gotten him comfy where his elbow wasn't stabbing me/his brother, when the cat decided that she wanted to join story time. I didn't think there was any more room on my lap, but she tried. After a minute or two, Quint pushed her off! Too many people on the lap.

*subject change*

After my flop of a yard sale, I packed everything up and had the ARC come pick it up.
Here's what I put out for them (not the swimming pool). And just a few hours later, only the Christmas trees were still there. Apparently they don't pick those up until November 1st. So we'll have a friend help us give those to goodwill. Wonderful feeling of emptiness in our storage areas.

*subject change*

Apparently my belly button outie is so funny to my son that it can produce a giggle any time I show it. Yesterday, I used it as bribery. "If you take one more bite of yogurt, you can poke my belly button." Worked like a charm for three bites in a row!

*subject change*

I've been sleeping so horribly for several weeks now that it's made me quite crabby. Monday night, for some reason, I got a good night's sleep! I only got up in the night 3 times! As a result, I felt pretty darn great all day Tuesday. Rastus was kicking the fool out of me, but I otherwise wasn't hurting. On the phone in the afternoon, after catching up with my husband, he said, "you seem like you feel good today. You seem, you know, nice!" He immediately started backpedaling and saying please don't take offense at that, but I though it was hysterical. I've been around me lately. I know I've been an effing ray of sunshine. He was relieved that I was laughing. Quint was in a good mood when I picked him up and I felt great, so we went to the park for a half hour while they finished filling my ambien perscription. Quint is very independent on the playground now!

I took the ambien at 8:15 and before nine was having great difficulty writing in this blog. It's now 5:45 and I seem to have a bit of a hangover, so maybe I'll nap a bit more. I only woke up twice in the night. I accidently broke a lamp I've had for nearly 30 years - I have hopes that I can find a replacement globe on ebay.

Off to nap time before my day must start.

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