Friday, April 8, 2011

Chuckle for the day

My mom told me a funny today. With her gardening club, she regularly sees my old high school boyfriend's mom. So they've known each other for years and years. OMG I dated him nearly 15 years ago! I'm not old enough to have had a real boyfriend nearly 15 years ago!! How does time pass so fast?!


They were explaining to someone that they had known each other for years and their kids even dated for a while. Mom said she didn't think we (the kids) kept up with each other any more, but still...

My ex-boyfriend's mom looked at my mom and said, "Well how did Josh know she just cut her hair?"

Now that made me laugh! So I guess he or his wife reads this blog! I haven't heard from Josh directly since maybe high school. Hi Josh!!

But if he or his wife has a blog, I'd enjoy keeping up with it, too!

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