Sunday, May 8, 2011

36 weeks pregnant - now and then

OK, so here's a direct comparison between my two pregnancies. The red shirt was a few days ago and the green shirt was at 36 weeks when I was pregnant with Quint. Everyone, including me, thinks that I look smaller this time. But the beauty of me taking these staged photos with both pregnancies is that I can directly compare them! I've cropped them based on the position of the walls. The two different cameras were sitting at the same table at virtually the same height. My lower back and shoulders were against the wall in every shot. I can't think of how I could have done this to create a better comparison.
I think my belly in the green shirt (2009) is just a teeny, tiny bigger. I'm shocked that it's not significantly bigger.

I see the doctor Tuesday. Maybe she'll decide to admit me to the hospital for some reason! I'm sure I'm completely shooting myself in the foot by being really pretty darn prepared to go into labor this week. The only thing that would be inconveniently un-done at the moment is that the infant seat has not been installed in Hubby's car yet. I would like to have the photo album caught up, but I could order the photos from shutterfly tomorrow. The bills are caught up and I've sorted the mail. The freezer is pretty well stocked. There's only a couple things we need from the grocery store. My bag is packed. Quint's is half packed with the list of remaining things in the bag. Let's see, the bassinet part of the downstairs pack-n-play isn't put together yet, but it's within 10 feet. The laundry is in pretty good shape, though is not completely caught up. The entire downstairs is vacuumed. I have extra keys made for guests. Quint has a box full of toys clearly marked for entertainment after the birth.

We were talking about it at my temp job and one guy suggested that I completely unpack my hospital bag and throw away my list of things to go into it because the fact that the bag is packed will prevent me from going into labor. I can see that. But I can't unpack that bag.

OK, it's 10pm, so it's time to take my ambien and go to bed. My chores are all done, or as done as they're going to get today.

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