Friday, May 13, 2011

Potty Training Expert - Papa!

Apparently, my husband's instincts about potty training are about a thousand times better than mine. My first indication was a couple months ago. I was shocked at this revelation, but I am fully willing to admit it after last night's success.

But first, a brief account of the the background story from Monday. Monday morning, I left a little early for work without looking in on Quint. His Papa has been taking him to daycare on Mondays and I felt a twinge of guilt for not looking in on him before I left. That twinge of guilt vanished when I got a call from Hubby at 8am. Apparently, Quint had removed his diaper, made a mess all over the crib, but at least looked sheepish when Hubby went in to wake him. So Hubby and Quint had a very "fun" morning dealing with that. I was SSSssoooooo glad I got to miss out on the fun.

Last night, I was tired and hurting and could not get my huge pregnant belly comfortable. It hurt to sit, it hurt differently to walk. I had a negative patience level for noise, dark rooms, and any request upon me. Yes, I was the typical freakin' ray of sunshine that I've been throughout most of this pregnancy. Quint was walking around and started taking off his diaper. My interpretation: NOT GOOD!

I told him sternly to stop and not do that and only do that when you're in the bathroom. I lead him back to where his Papa was sitting and basically told him to deal with his child. He started sweetly talking to his son. I mentioned that random diaper removal might should be a spank-able offense. Hubby, disagreed in an non-offensive way and continued talking to his son. I studiously occupied myself with "useful employment" as Jane Austen would say. He finally asked him directly, "do you need to use the potty?"

Emphatic "Uh-huh!" from Quint.

Hubby whisked the now naked boy off to the potty. He went #1! Much bragging, clapping, and whatnot. I even walked all the way in there to brag on him.

Hubby instructed him to stay sitting and trying for #2. Hubby left him alone in the bathroom for a minute. I sternly said that it could be a disaster to leave him in the bathroom by himself, naked, and with yucky ammo in the potty. That netted me a "whatever" kind of look. But Hubby wandered back in there. Quint done #2 as well!

Much ecstatic bragging, clapping, hand washing, and hugging!! Amazing success on the potty! And all because of how Papa handled it completely and totally correctly!

Yeah, and me? I wanted to spank the kid when he took off his diaper and then didn't trust him to be on the potty by himself. Yeah, I'm batting a thousand here.

Oh well, at least one of us is great at this!

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