Monday, May 2, 2011

The roaring frog.

Whenever my son sees a picture of a lion, he does this really cute little roar. Same for a tiger. These make sense.

But when he's eating limes, and we keep telling him things like "this is a lime" he roars because he thinks we said lion. This only made sense after much thought on our part (the slow parents). Since then, we try to emphasize the M in lime. No success yet on Quint's comprehension, but ehh, he'll get it.

Here he is roaring with his limes.

Whenever we're going through various animals and their sounds, he always roars with the frogs, no matter how many times he laughs at my "ribbit" and tongue poking. Well, this morning, I finally figured that one out! We have Aristocats to blame for the roaring frog. Start watching at 2:40 in this clip.

And of course bullfrogs roar. Ok, so it's called a croak, but it's pretty darn close. So my son was not just plain wrong - he just knew of a different type of noise for that animal that was correct!

The new words for yesterday were teacher and clock. No, he was not trying to talk about clocking the teacher with anything.

I saw the doctor today and baby and I are both doing swimmingly. Apparently, she normally hooks women up to a fetal monitor for a while at this stage. We did that, and she said the baby's heart rate and such were textbook normal. Next week, I get another ultrasound to at least guess at his weight. She had some other reasons as well, but they weren't alarming. So I'm still pregnant. Everyone's healthy. I'm mostly miserable and my belly hurts most of the time with non-alarming pain. I'm ready to be done, but at not quite 36 weeks, the bun is not done, so we'll bake a bit more. Two NICU nurse friends informed me this weekend that boys really do better if they go to 38 weeks. My goal was 37 so I wailed a bit at that news. So please pray for me!

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