Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Baby!

My new son was born at 3:46pm, May 16, 2011. He weighed 7lbs, 11oz. He is 19 inches long. It was a fairly easy birth, he gave a strong cry, and has been showing all signs of a healthy boy.

Here he is at about 20 minutes old with his papa.
He was right at an hour old when he met his big brother.
(M~ I look so much like you in this side shot of me!)
Quint smiled, giggled and tried to give the baby
a high five several times.

Grandpa had a good photo from that first hour. I didn't
manage to get a good shot of Nannie during that first hour.

Quint looking at his new brother,
and giggling.
Proud mama with alert baby.

Showing off.

Holding Papa's hand.
My boys!

I haven't figured out what I'm going to call my new son on this blog. I try to keep us anonymous, so I probably won't use his name on here. We called him Rastus before we had his name figured out. But that was only because it was an ultra hick name that we knew we wouldn't use. I've thought of calling him Bruiser for how he would bruise me from the womb, but there's another blog I read who has a Bruiser. I've thought of Buster for the same reason, but I'm not sure I like Buster for my sweet infant.

I'll figure it out soon, I'm sure. And I'll post more pictures later, I'm sure.

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  1. You look so beautiful and glowing! And you really do look like me in that one profile picture (I'm not trying to say that *I'm* beautiful and glowing, but you know what I mean). Maybe that angle is why people always think we are sisters. Thomas is gorgeous as well. You two make pretty babies! I'm glad you got induced. If you had waited, you might have had a 9 pounder.