Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's a horse/cow!

For a while now, Quint has been calling a horse a cow. He's been calling a cow a cow as well, and even saying "moo" for a cow, but just in the last 2 weeks, a horse has also become a cow. So I called my friend who has a pony in order to try to straighten Quint out.

We have been playing with his plastic farm animals with sound effects. For horse sounds, I've been neeaaaa-ing and doing the horse-raspberry thing, and climp-clomp noises. I was hoping on this trip that he could at least hear the first two and he did!

Another friendly horse neeaaa-ed at us several times which made Quint really laugh. My friend's pony raspberried several times, once while Quint was standing on the ground next to his head. He jumped back a foot and then really laughed hard. He got to pat the pony, sit on the pony, and I even tried to make sure he smelled the pony.
We never got to pet the ultra soft nose because the pony was intent on grazing, but we tried on another horse. Instead, we got to see his teeth because the horse he thought I had a snack for him. He was only trying to "lip" me. Quint was never really scared of the pony which I was very glad of, and got comfortable enough to wander around the pasture while we visited and let the pony graze.

At the end, we went into the barn where about six horses poked their heads out to say hello. Quint eagerly pointed to them all and said, "COWS!!!" (forehead smack) We had been calling the pony a horse the whole time and making horsey noises. Maybe he'll get it soon.

Here he is in the pasture where he would lovingly hand me half rotten hay and then scatter it out of my hand. He laughed and laughed and ran and played.

He was really starting to look sleepy when we left after an hour and a half. He didn't fall asleep on the way home, but once we were home, he napped for FOUR HOURS! And I slept for three and a half of those. And so did Papa. We were rather shocked when we woke up that it was 2pm. Hmm.... how about some lunch?

So a big, huge thank you to my wonderful friend "next-door" who has the pony!! We had a great time and I'm sure Quint will catch on to what a horse is very soon!

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