Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mood Changer

Lately, and it seems to consistently be on Tuesdays, I'm in a really bad funk. It's completely emotional and it affects how I feel physically, especially here now while I'm twenty months pregnant. I wonder what it is about Tuesdays. Maybe its because the week seems to be stretching ahead interminably. Sooooooo long until Friday, even if you have nothing planned for the weekend. And the last two weeks I have completely recognized that I needed some mood alterer.

Last week, on Wednesday, I finally figured out a really annoying problem at work. I wonder if I just really really wanted to have my mood changed and that's all I could find, but still, it worked.

Today, I was feeling icky and heavy and like the shuttle to work was the worst circle of hell. You know, basically wishing I drank, or smoked, or was addicted to prescription pain meds or something.

And then said some hysterical random $hit to my co-worker and she got tickled and I started laughing at her laughing and we couldn't stop laughing and it was wonderful! It was the high quality, non-nonsensical crap that normally happens at 3am on a camping trip. And I've laughed about it four times since I got home!

For the record it had to do with Michael Jackson, fake noses and other people's reactions to fake noses on women. See! Sounds like a riot.

With that huge giggle fest, a seriously delicious nearly hour long nap on the couch in my husband's office, and managing to catch the first evil shuttle just after my work shift (which got me home 20 minutes earlier), I felt great until 9:30 tonight. And even now, at 10:05, I'm still in a good mood and feel pretty good sitting down.

Listen to this list of accomplishments - and yes! for the first time in seemingly months, I actually HAVE a list of accomplishments!!

After I picked up Quint, I took him over to the train station and showed him a real choo-choo. Then we made a stop at Walgreens. Then we went to the library for the first time ever and checked out a dozen board books. Once home, we had supper, played in the balls, read some books, washed some laundry, got Quint in bed, put the infant carseat back together (a 30 minute strap-frustration fest), cleaned out my car, emptied and refilled the dishwasher, and cleaned up the kitchen.

I also have been silly with my husband several times today, which has not happened in quite a while. I've been a REAL ray of sunshine lately. But thankfully, he hasn't gone into the "be wary and afraid of the severe mood change" phase, but has just appreciated the mood, however fleeting it might be.

It also occurred to both of us seperately that this productivity fest has in the past, in other women, indicated that they will give birth in the next 24 hours.

Yes, that might be bunk. But, I have my fingers crossed. Despite only being 36 weeks pregnant.

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  1. I will always remember that shared laugh that went on & on, on & on, & on still longer! Thinking about you all this weekend and what you must be doing in preparation. Hope your folks got in alright and that they & Quint are having a ball!