Monday, May 3, 2010

2nd flood post - tap water

The county to our south mentioned last night or this morning that folks needed to boil their drinking water. Hubby called from his business trip and recommended I hoard some drinking water. Something simple. Like run a really full bathtub. So I've taken some probably overly severe steps to ensure that we will have both drinking water and bathing/washing water. I'm not going to list what I've done because I don't want to look stupid. :-)

But for my county, at 8am, they were recommending that we conserve water use. As in, please don't water your lawn (HA!) or wash your car. At noon, it was "if you're not feeling the impact of the flood, please cut your regular water use in half." Now at nearly 4pm, they've suggested skipping a shower and using water only for cooking. This could get bad...

On my side of the county, we are very blessed. Me and my neighbors are only impacted so far in that schools and daycare are closed. We've got everything we need. My neurotic tendencies to prepare for some nameless emergency means that after my water collection, we could hole up here for a week or two and have everything we need. We would eventually drive each other crazy and the cheetos and Dr Pepper might run out, but we will be fine.


  1. No cheetos and dr. pepper! Pandemonium! That would be a true emergency!

    It's strange. I neither buy nor consume either of those items here; but when I'm visiting you, I must have them. Along with a chic flick.

  2. Um, so George was really Monica. Somehow I got logged in as him.