Monday, May 3, 2010

High and dry

In case you're watching the flooding unfold on the weather channel, please know that we are high and dry and perfectly alright. Our house had no flooding. We have unflooded roads to get to Kroger, which still had half its' supply of bottled water as of Sunday evening. We have electricity. Our tap water is still Ok, though one of our two treatment plants is out of commission. We have plenty of groceries, diapers, and I'm working on the water.

There are still some highways closed coming in and out of the city, but there are enough highways available that I'm not yet concerned about grocery stores being restocked.

We have one friend who is without electricity. We have another friend - our friend with the same name as my husband - who's house was completely flooded. They were evacuated by a fire truck and are staying at the friend's house who went to Britian with us. They have no flood insurance. They do not live in a flood plain. We have no idea if their insurance will pay anything or not.

My baby's daycare was closed today, he's trying to learn to crawl, and he seems to be quite needy today. If I'm not within his sight, he's crying. So please pray for my sanity today!

More importantly, pray for our friend who lost everything.

More later

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