Monday, May 17, 2010

8 months old!

Quint turned 8 months old on Saturday! I can't believe how quickly 8 months has passed.

The last time I weighed him, he was still about 20 pounds, but he might be 21 pounds by now. He eats 3/4 a cup of vegetables twice a day and sometimes only has 2 bottles a day while at daycare.

He is an expert at sitting, though he still can't go from laying down to sitting. He can go from sitting, to kneeling, to standing! Hubby/Papa has fun "walking" him around the room by holding up his hands and telling him to take a step. For quite some time now, he would sit on command for me. He's standing up while I hold his ribs and I say "sit" and he plunks down on his bottom. Lately, though, he's started rebelling by going stiff as a board, no matter how far back I tilt his shoulders. It's funny to see. He ooches around somehow on his bottom, so he is no longer right where you left him. This is only the beginning....

At daycare the other day, he stood up on his own! He was standing next to Priscilla, leaning on her leg when suddenly, she noticed that he was still standing and not touching her at all! He stayed standing for a nice amount of time, and then put a hand back on her leg when he started loosing his balance. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we bought him his first pair of shoes this weekend. If you're gonna be on your feet, you're gonna need shoes!

He's trying to learn to crawl, which means that he's frustrated a lot of the time, and cries. He'll go from sitting to on all fours, typically with one foot sideways making life hard, and then can't figure out how to go forward or sit on his bottom again.

He's getting really great at communicating with us. We're learning his cues for different things that he wants. He gestures toward what he wants pretty easily, or just grabs what he wants - sometimes with painful results. He also apparently wants to fly. You can just see it in his face that he wants to be over THERE! and will lean out and assume a superman position.

My little guy is still a joy. He will be mobile soon, and I'm trying to prepare my mind and house for that large transition.
I think he looks a whole lot like his papa in this one!

Won't be long before he crawls in that toy basket!

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