Thursday, May 6, 2010


Last night Quint and I were playing on the couch and watching TV, a very common occurrence for us. I was leaned forward eating something, and he had fallen over sideways kind of behind me, reaching for something he should have. Like a cord, or a TV remote or something. Suddenly he absolutely shrieked and cried like crazy. I pulled him up by the arm that was flailing upwards and started to hug and soothe him. Not working. I thought he had just gotten frustrated or stuck behind me there. But he was going absolutely nuts! Waving his arms and really, really CRYING! I started to look between the cushions where he just was and started to run my hand back there to see if something sharp had poked him.

And then I saw it.

A creepy bug was crawling out from between the cushions. I hollered for Hubby who came barreling in there. I told him to find out what that was and kill it. I put the baby on the floor and start jerking off his clothes looking for where it stung him. He said it was a wasp. A WASP! His arm was red and swelling. What do we DOOO? Hubby calls my sister who is a nurse and I run to the kitchen for a frozen teething ring. I check for a stinger, but the sting place is smooth.

Just a few seconds after I press the teething ring to the sting, he stops crying and starts trying to get the teething ring in his mouth. I give him that one and go fetch another with more flat surfaces to use as a better ice pack. Sis says to give him Benadryl and watch for a rash. So we feed him some Benadryl which he gobbles down. I'm still freaking out, watching his naked little body all over while he plays with his stripped off bib. He's happy as a lark. He's even ok with me holding a cold teething ring to the arm that's not waving around a bib. Small heart attack.

He's so happy, that Hubby lays down on the floor with him making noises and laughing. The whole time I'm staring at his tiny torso watching for a rash and resisting the urge to strip off his diaper to search for rash.

He's perfectly fine now. His arm is no longer swollen. He has a tiny red dot where he was stung.


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