Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Haggis, hasenpfeffer, and a lapband update

Two little stories and a lapband update.

First, the haggis:
My husband and I sing in the choir in our church, where we don huge, thermal, black robes each Sunday morning. Because we always have these robes on Sunday, we've gotten out of the habit of paying attention to what we're wearing at church. We put on any old thing and nice shoes since the robes cover us from neck to wrist to ankle.

The Sunday of the flood, hubby and I were supposed to help serve communion at church. After watching the news, weather, and various rescues, I chickened out. If something had happened to my little boy because I thought I HAD to be at church, it would probably ruin my life. I called the church to see if they were having services. Yes they were, but not many people were there. Hubby decided to go without us.

He called me after he got there to let me know he arrived and the state of the roads on the way. He said there were about 25 people there total, and not enough choir members to have the choir sing. They were having a truncated service even, but were going to have communion. We hadn't really paid attention to what Hubby was wearing when he left the house. So my publicly formal and dignified husband served communion in a T-shirt that said "got haggis?" like the old "got milk?" ad campaign. Oddly enough, no one said a word about it!

And now hasenpfeffer:
Last night, I was taking the cover off one of our baby carseats to wash it in the washing machine, like it says not to do. The cat was incredibly sedate and sprawled on the carpet remnant beside me on the floor of the garage. A little odd to be so sedate. Then I looked up and noticed something. A half a rabbit in one corner of the garage. The back half. Ewww! Not placed where she normally brings us mice, birds, and moles, clearly as an offering or gift. This looked like she was storing it for later. Bug killing and animal burial are clearly my husband's job, not mine. Hubby wasn't home. I forgot to mention it to him until we were nearly in bed. "Ugh, I'll deal with it tomorrow," he said.

This morning when I let the kitty in for her normal greet and feed, she was distinctly uninterested in her cat chow, but was very happy. She rubbed and rubbed against my legs as I prepared baby bottles. As I started loading the car, I noticed a small paw near the door, clearly in the typical "gift" location. One single paw and two patches of fur. The entire half a rabbit was gone! I looked at the cat again. She did look especially plump this morning. And her eyes were still at half mast with satisfaction.

After I got on the road, I called Hubby, laughing. "You have a much smaller job now with the hasenpfeffer! It seems she ate the whole thing last night!" "Wow," Hubby says, "Guess that explains why she looked at me funny last night. I put down some cat chow for her when I put her to bed and she looked at me like I was crazy. Who wants kibble when there's hasenpfeffer to be had!"

Folks have been wondering how my husband is doing with his lapband. He's doing pretty good! He has lost 18 pounds in 2 months. His belly is a different shape now - something only a wife would notice. A green, short sleeve, button up shirt that hasn't fit him for over a year now fits him and is a bit loose! He's had to punch a new hole in one belt. He still has a hard time remembering to eat slow and not drink during meals, but he's the one who has to pay when he forgets. The scars are still pretty dark, but he's not really worried about that.

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