Monday, May 10, 2010

Things learned this weekend

My little boy pulled up from sitting to standing for the first time yesterday! We were playing on the floor and he grabbed the collar of my sweater, and a fist full of neck skin (gotta break him of that) and pulled from sitting to kneeling. Then he put one foot flat on the ground, then puuuuuuulled and was on both his feet! The look on his face was so triumphant! He knew he had done something big!

Also this weekend, he learned how to wiggle and scoot more. Hubby and I were sitting on opposite ends of the couch. Quint wiggled his arms at me to indicate that he wanted to come to me. I said, "well come on over here" about a thousand times and patted my lap over and over. The cat knew immediately what to do and came over and curled up in my lap. A couple minutes later, Quint was ooching up my torso trying to pull up. As a result, we bought baby gates this weekend.

River funk does not come off pots and pans in the dishwasher. Like washing your car, the touchless washing system apparently doesn't work on even thin mud. So, water restriction or not, I'll be washing my friend's pots and pans by hand tonight or sometime soon.

My son just doesn't like peaches. Neither with rice cereal mixed in, or oatmeal. Much crying ensues. He also does not like peas with oatmeal mixed in by mistake. He does like pancakes and the stiff noodles you get at Chinese/Thai restaurants.

My son has 3 teeth currently showing, not 4. Maybe that one sucked itself back in, but more likely it's a really white patch of gums. This was found out by flopping him over my lap with his head tilted back and tickling him like mad. Amazing what you can see in a baby's mouth that way! And the laughing is a precious sound.

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