Wednesday, July 14, 2010


While I very recently bragged how I threw away empty boxes, I have already backslidden (is that a word?). I've noticed that the huge boxes that envelopes come in are the perfect height to stack on a xerox box and still have them fit on my storage shelves. I used one of these envelope boxes to store things in this past weekend when I cleaned out a huge box of Hubby's precious papers. Because they fit so nicely, I brought home two more of them from work yesterday.

Oh how the mighty have fallen....

BUT I DID file things yesterday! And in true dread-and-put-it-off fashion, it took me approximately 10 minutes.

There are still constantly papers on the dining table and this is starting to drive me nuts. I don't know where they come from! Hubby would probably take issue with me blaming him, but I don't think the baby did it.

Baby story for the day:
Last night, while I was preparing Quint's food, I plunked him down in his high chair. I managed to not have any saltines or cheerios right there and if I left the room to fetch some, he would cry. For some reason it really bothers me when he cries within the first 15 minutes of being home. I want him to like home. So I handed him a Ritz that was right there, wondering what he would think of the buttery goodness. I gave him several during the meal. After I pulled him out of the highchair, I found 4 perfect quarters of those crackers, piled in one corner of his seat. Was he saving those for later?

Later, while I was on the phone with my sister, he was playing on the floor nearby. Suddenly he crawled to me, obviously said "Mama" and fell on my chest sucking on the flat skin below my neck hollow. Gee, honey, what is it you want?

Lately, he seems really frustrated at night and like he's trying to communicate something but we have no idea what. Last night, he didn't even want to nurse. I gotta work on that sign language.

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