Friday, July 9, 2010

Plans for this weekend

Lately I've made a lot of lists of things to do at home and then promptly left them at work on Friday. But if I make a list HERE, I can get to it at home as well. So you get to read my to-do list this week. And yes, I sometimes put things on my list that take 5 minutes because A) sometimes it's really satisfying to get three things done in 15 minutes - it gets the ball rolling for the rest of the list and B) I haven't managed to get that 5 minute thing done all week!

Move the ivy plants in the kitchen up to the bathroom where they were originally supposed to go.

Gather all things to donate in the car Friday night.
-electric water fountain
-box of Joyce Meyer CDs
-Target bags for food pantry
-at least one bag of my clothes for goodwill

Deliver all donations Saturday morning.

Go to Republican picnic for lunch.

Put away Hubby's memory lane clothes.

Throw away more empty boxes from Hubby's office.

FILE THINGS!!! I have a 4 inch (or more) stack of regular, easy to file bills that STILL need filing!

Gather books from around the house and put them away.

Saturday morning, empty the sloppiest box of precious papers in the garage.

Get a baby gift for friend at church.

Deliver baby gift for friend at church.

Reorganize milk in the freezer.



Put away large pile of clothes in the bathroom.

Buy new part for tiny lamp

Gather hairpins and take them upstairs

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  1. Excellent weekend plans! I'm not much of a list maker myself. Never have been, except at work. My mom? She is Queen of the lists.