Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Last night, communication with my little boy was most rewarding. He's nearly 10 months old, can only say Mama, Abwa, and GA! but I understood him completely last night. And he seemed to understand me too!

Soon after we got home, we sat down to feed him his supper of mixed veggies. He ate a few bites but didn't seem that interested. I said, "Don't you want to eat your supper?" He no in the form of "uh-uh" and shook his head back and forth. I tried a cracker and he ate another bite or two, but that was it. So I let him down to play.

He went down for a nap at 6:45 and woke up at about 8:15. I had put him down at his first eye rub using both hands. When I put him in his crib, he smiled at me, didn't even whimper and knocked right out.

When he woke up later, I had just made my own dinner of mac and cheese. We were playing in my office. He saw me stirring in the cheese and deliberately crawled right over to me smacking his lips. I was sitting in a chair and he tried to crawl up my leg into my lap. "Gee, honey," I said. "Are you hungry by any chance?" He grunted a single note and smacked his lips more. "Ok, honey, I'll reheat your dinner as soon as I'm done with mine." In the mean time, I put down some cheerios for him which he gobbled down.

After re-heating his mixed veggies, I got a sippy cup and a bib and went back to my office where he was crawling/climbing into his enormous toy basked and had realized that the floor of the basket was rough on his feet/knees. He was upset until he saw the bowl. I spread out a blanket on the floor as a drop cloth and plopped him in the middle of it. He clapped through the first few bites. He was gobbling down his mixed veggies but then started to crawl away. I pushed his little thigh back down on the blanket and said, "if you want to eat, you have to sit." He blinked at me and took another couple bites. He started to crawl off again. I pushed his little thigh back down and said, "if you want to eat, you have to sit. Do you want to keep eating?" Single grunt of assent. Several more bites taken. He tried to crawl off again. "Quint, you have to sit if you want to eat." Arms at 90 degree angles, fists clasped, grunt of agitation. Then a shrug, relaxing of the arms, and his mouth popped open for another bite. He stayed sitting for the rest of his meal.

How's that for clear body language!

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