Saturday, July 24, 2010

Makes Mama Laugh

The following photos either will make my mama laugh, or the organization displayed makes my own heart go pitty pat. Or both.

Recently I found the visual influence, from childhood, of why I organize the way I do. Check out that awesome closet! And there are cookies on Brother Bear's side table. COOKIES! Cookies result from extreme organization.

In other children's books from my own childhood that I have received since the birth of my son, I've learned why I run from running vacuums, why men's electric razors terrify me, and why I keep things in boxes, jars, bottles and tins.

And yes, I've sanitized these pictures so that neither our names or our initials are printed on the boxes. (For those of you who want to do that, open the file in paint, use the eye dropper to pick a color, then pick the square that SHOWS GRAY ON THE INSIDE and draw a square over the thing you want to "delete".)

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