Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Last night,at the end of day two home alone all day with little Quint, Hubby wanted to go to bed at 10pm. This is unheard of for him. He normally goes to bed much later than I do (I have no idea when). As we were tucking in, he mentioned quietly how a whole day with Quint takes a lot of stamina. I quietly agreed.

Yesterday went pretty well for the two of them. Hubby had an outing with the baby. He planned it so that hopefully Quint would sleep while he helped a friend with some business. He slept in the car, and for a few minutes at her house, but then inconveniently woke up. The best laid plans...and whatnot. She being a grandmother, (and possibly a great-grandmother) rocked him for a bit while Hubby tinkered with the computer, then later Hubby held him and paced while she tinkered with the computer and he verbally helped her. Very good solution.

Quint and Hubby's relationship seems to be changing and that's a good thing. They by no means had a bad relationship before, but Quint always preferred me in the past. Now he doesn't know which of us he wants to go to, and bounces up and down with glee when we make a Quint sandwich.

Two days down!

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