Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The tile store

Today at lunch, me and two friends walked over to a bath and tile store. My friend needs to replace the shower pan in her 65 year old house and needs the tile in the shower to match the theme of the rest of the bathroom.

This was on fancy tile store. Really pretty mosaics and textures and slate and tiles with tiny, 3D faces carved in them. Weird tubs, pretty sinks, and every kind of shower configuration known to man. They even had a test shower with like 20 fixtures in it and 20 knobs outside so you could feel the spray. Schazzy stuff!

And after being there for probably no more than 12 minutes, I started visualizing my bathroom or my mythical back porch with mosaic tile and edging and how it would feel under my feet and the name of the (probably Hispanic) woman I would hire to clean the soap scum or tree trash off all that shit. And I almost saw the phrase pass before my eyes:

I want.....more.

I said to my friends, "I've got to get out of here because now I want this stuff. I'll be outside when y'all are ready." And I left. Oddly, they were right on my heals.

See, that's the problem with nice things. Even seeing nice things. They make you want MORE. More of anything. Suddenly your own tile isn't nice enough. Then you'll need to get new wallpaper because your tile is more fancy than the wall paper. Then the bathroom counter looks dull or has scratches... it never ends!!!

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  1. Oh how well I know this. This is why our upstairs bathroom doesn't have a toilet or sink in it and only two of the three walls around the tub tiled. Because I wanted more.

    Now I just want to be able to pee upstairs.