Thursday, July 15, 2010

CHILL!!! Goal accomplished.

Yesterday, I did nothing on any list. NOTHING. And it was nice! I made a conscious effort to just chill. I didn't fuss about getting Quint's food ready quickly enough. I didn't berate myself for sitting down to feed him without everything I needed. When he signed that he was done, I stopped trying then and didn't force the last two bites on him.

We all went on a walk. I didn't get stressed when it took us at least 45 minutes to get it together to get out the door. We did eventually get out the door, had our lovely little walk, and even had ice cream (me and Quint) and boiled peanuts (Hubby) at Habib's on the way. I didn't stress about how Quint and I walked all the way back to the house slightly sticky and chocolatly all over due to the ice cream. We went on a tiny shopping trip right after the walk and I didn't stress about being icky or not getting cool first.

After we cooled off, I got to hear my baby laugh while I tickled him and looked for new teeth. When he started to cry when I put him in his sleeper, I thought, maybe he hates this sleeper and that's why he's cried so passionately the last couple nights. Even though I had nearly done up all the 14 million buttons on that thing, I took it off him. I spread out three other sleepers, had him feel them with his hand, and let him pick. Minimal fussiness while doing up those 14 million buttons. And most importantly, NO PASSIONATE CRYING 2 OR 3 TIMES IN THE NIGHT for no apparent reason.

This passionate crying is usually accompanied by frustrated fist and shoulder clenches and an obvious "why don't you people get it!?" look. He doesn't want to nurse. He will calm while rocking, but standing and bouncing is the best bet for this problem. Maybe it's the monkey sleeper. Further research to come.

All in all, a very pleasant night!!


  1. Glad you had a good night!!


  2. I need more info on the sleepers. Can we have pictures? I want to know which one he picked.